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Street Smart Pants
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High Waisted Pocket Detailed Skirt
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High Waisted Pocket Detailed Skirt
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Unusually Cool Fern Macaroon Cargo Pants
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Black Leather Bell Pants
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Sky Blue Gingham Checked Tapered Pants
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Floral Tropical Slit Skirt
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Women’s Casual Pants have always been in trend since 90’s, and we can say that this fashion has evolved and been better every day. Women’s dress pants are an essential piece of clothing; everyone should have some nice collection of casual wear pants and trousers. Samshék has got a unique collection of casual wear pants and trousers. Pants can make or break your whole look so choose wisely. Check out our website for some great style on Women’s Casual Pants.


Every body type should have some casual wear pants. Because no matter how fashion freaks or a fashionista you are, at last you want to be in your comfort zone. Women’s casual pants are so comfortable to wear, we cannot deny that. SAMSHÉK has got some great casual wear pants with the latest trend and cuts. The silhouettes are so stylish and elegant.

Pick some nice colors like dark hues and the family of browns, shades of grey and whites.

Casual pants come in a lot of variety and style, you name it and we have it. For example, the boot cut pants, tapered pants, bell bottoms, palazzo pants, the sailor pants, culottes, pegged pants, cigarette pants, baggy pants, formal trousers and what not.

You can also customize the fit and style according to your body shape and your taste. SAMSHÉK has got customize your own outfit option for you.

These days high waist women’s casual pants are so in trend whether you wear it for a party or an office meet or a day out at brunch. The sailor pants look so good with button pattern on the waist; it adds drama to your outfit and gives you a royal navy feel.

Baggy pants or palazzo pants are savior for skinny petite body type; they hide your chicken legs and gives a whole different look to your outfit.

You can also opt for a boot but casual pants, because they hug your thighs and are flared from the bottom, which makes your legs appear taller.

Pegged pants and tapered women’s casual pants are also a constant throughout the season, they add style to outfit and still look decent. Pegged pants are basically casual looking pant which are loose at thighs and narrow at the end. They are comfortable to wear and give a semi-formal look.

Tapered pants are loose from the thigh area and narrowed down at the bottom. They give you a stylish smart and formal look.

If we talk about women’s casual pants, culottes come handy. These days’ culottes are very trendy and women are liking the style and comfort of it. They give you a smart chic look if you are wearing it with the right kind of top. Culottes are perfect for a casual or a holiday look.

Formal wear trouser pants are a great option for office wear, work outdoor meetings or even an office party. You can pick a pair of cigarette pants or check trouser pants, pair them with a smart casual top and stilettos.


  • High waist ankle length trouser pant – A high waist loose fit ankle length pants is perfect for your workplace. The pocket detail and fold at the bottom will add spice to your look. This looks smart yet formal.


Formal pants look best with a georgette shirt and a blazer paired with it. Wear a smart pair of stilettos to make the look extraordinary. Accessorize it minimal with a formal bag and some hoop earrings.

If you are going for an outdoor office meet, you can pick a pair of casual pants in tapered style or cigarette style. It keeps your look formal yet chic, you don’t have to do much with it, just pull a casual semi-formal top and a nice hand bag and you are good to go.


  • Palazzo pants – The 90’s trend is back and oh it looks so chic and stylish. A pair of high waist palazzo pant is all you need for a perfect brunch date.
  • Baggy pants – Your casual pants collection is incomplete without nice baggy pants in your wardrobe.


Make a statement with the flared palazzo pants because they are so comfy to wear and you can pair them with almost everything. Wear a crop top with it and block heels to complete the look. Add cross body bag and some chokers to accessorize.


  • Culottes style pants – Culottes are very comfortable to wear and makes for a perfect vacation wear. Pair it with a nice top and shoes.
  • Sailor women’s casual pants – Sailor casual pants gives a nice quirky look and the ruffle detail at the waist makes it more stylish. Casual pants are perfect for a holiday or road trip. Check out our website for similar casual wear pants.


Culottes or sailor pants are back in trend and the fun part is that they are extremely comfortable to wear and very versatile at the same time. Pair it with a spaghetti top for a vacation look, wear comfortable flip flops and a bum bag to accessorize.


  • Boot cut casual wear pants – Boots cut casual pants are perfect for an evening party they look extremely sexy and stylish.
  • Striped casual wear pants – Stripes are so trending these days and what better way to wear it than your pants. Style a nice pair of striped women’s dress pants with a casual top and you are ready for the party.


Boots cut women’s casual pants will enhance your curves and look sexy pair it with a bralette or spaghetti top and high heels for the date night.

Stripes look very stylish and it makes your legs appear longer. Pair a nice striped loose fit pant with a casual top and layer it with a blazer or jacket. Wear statement earrings and a big belt to complete the party look.